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I recently discovered, which is mostly a site with resources about “Moving, improving and everything in between”. But they also have articles about health and wellness. One I enjoyed reading recently is “The Perfect Yoga Room: Create Healthy Change, Build Your Body, and Relax Your Mind“. This gives useful tips on how to create a tranquil and uncluttered space to do yoga. But I would add such a space is useful for other relaxation as well, such as meditation.

One of my favorite meditation teachers, Eknath Easwaran, recommended such a special space for meditation. He said eventually we would start to become tranquil just by entering the space. Not everyone can set aside an entire room for such a purpose, but even a portion of a room like a corner will do. In my case it is my home office. I have an exercise bike smack in the middle of it which is easily moved, and I roll it out and repurpose that space to do yoga. Just moving out the bike and spreading out a mat makes me start to relax. But now I can use some of the tips from “The Perfect Yoga Room…” article as well.

You can find more articles like this on by hitting “resources” in the top menu and selecting the “See all advice” button.

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